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Wasp Solitaire

A version of Scorpion that allows any card to be moved to empty tableau spaces.

Difficulty: Easy

Rules are easy to understand.

Odds of winning: High

Win about 3 in 5 games (60%).

Duration: Moderate

5 to 10 minutes per game.

Skill Level: Mostly Skill

Winning is mostly determined by skill. A small amount of luck is involved.

How to Play Wasp

Game Objective

Remove all the cards from the stock and tableau by building four full sequences of cards.

Tableau Rules

  • There are seven tableaus.
  • Any card may move to an empty tableau.
  • The tableaus build down by the same suit. Complete sequences of the same suit starting with a King and ending with an Ace are automatically removed.
  • For example the 8♠ may move onto the 9♠. Starting with the 8♠ the following sequence can build on top 7♠ 6♠ 5♠ 4♠.
  • Any card or stack of cards may move together as a group. Any stack of cards may move together, regardless of their build (no restriction on rank, suit or color).

Stock Rules

  • The stock deals one card face up to each of the tableaus when tapped.

Strategy & Tips

  1. Focus on making moves that uncover the face-down cards.

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