Play the game of Tri Peaks in your browser. Learn the rules and what it takes to win with our guides below.

Tri Peaks Solitaire

A classic game involving three pyramids of cards representing mountain peaks. Less commonly known as Three Peaks, Tri Towers and Triple Peaks. Discard all the cards to win.

Difficulty: Easy

Rules are easy to understand.

Odds of winning: Fifty-fifty

Win about 1 in 2 games (50%).

Duration: Quick

Less than 5 minutes per game.

Skill Level: All Skill

Winning is determined by skill. Little to no luck is involved.

How to Play Tri Peaks

Game Objective

Discard all the pyramid cards.

Tableau Rules

  • Move cards to the waste that are one rank higher or lower than the current waste card.
  • Cards may be built around-the-corner (i.e. Ace on King and visa-versa).

Stock Rules

  • An single pass through the stock is permitted.
  • The stock deals one card face up to the waste when tapped.

Waste Rules

  • There is one waste.
  • The top card is not movable.

Strategy & Tips

  1. Use the stock to open up more moves. Be frugal as once they’re gone, they’re gone - no redeals allowed.