Play the game of Knotty Nines in your browser. Learn the rules and what it takes to win with our guides below.

Knotty Nines Solitaire

A more difficult variation of Trusty Twelve with fewer tableaus.

Skill Level: Mostly Luck

Winning is mostly determined by luck. A small amount of skill is involved.

How to Play Knotty Nines

Game Objective

When the stock is empty.

Tableau Rules

  • There are nine tableaus.
  • The tableaus build down by rank regardless of suit.
  • For example the 10♠ may move onto the J♠, J♥, J♣ and J♦. Starting with the 10♥ the following sequence can build on top 9♠ 8♠ 7♦ 6♣.
  • Empty tableau spaces fill with a card from the stock.
  • The top card is movable.

Strategy & Tips

2 tips for the best chance of winning Knotty Nines:

  1. When possible, immediately start to build on Kings and prefer to continue building those stacks first.
  2. Build long sequences on the highest available rank first.

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