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Unlimited Solitaire

Unlimited is played with two standard decks (104 cards). There are seven tableaus that contain seven cards each. The objective is to move all cards to the eight foundations by building them up by the same suit.

Odds of winning: Low

Win about 1 in 3 games (34%).

Skill Level: Balanced

Winning involves skill and luck equally.

How to Play Unlimited

Game Objective

The goal of Unlimited is to move all 104 cards to the foundation piles. You achieve this by building sequences of cards up by the same suit that start with an Ace and end with a King. You win when the eight foundations each contain a complete sequence of thirteen cards.

Foundation Rules

  • There are eight foundations.
  • The foundations are initially empty.
  • The foundations build up by the same suit.
  • For example the 8♠ may move onto the 7♠ and the 8♦ may move onto the 7♦. Starting with the 8♠ the following sequence may build on top 9♠ 10♠ J♠ Q♠.
  • The top card is movable.
  • An Ace may move to an empty foundation.

Tableau Rules

  • There are seven tableaus.
  • Initially containing seven rows alternating between face up and down.
  • The tableaus build down by the same suit.
  • For example the J♠ may move onto the Q♠ and the J♥ may move onto the Q♥. Starting with the J♠ the following sequence may build on top 10♠ 9♠ 8♠ 7♠.
  • Sequences of cards built down by the same suit may move together as a group.
  • A King may move to an empty tableau.

Stock Rules

  • The stock deals one card face up to the waste when tapped.
  • An unlimited number of passes through the stock is permitted. There is no restriction on how many times the waste can be redealt to the stock.

Waste Rules

  • There is one waste.
  • The waste is initially empty.
  • The top card is movable.
  • Once empty the waste remains empty until more cards move from the stock.