Play the game of Simon Says in your browser. Learn the rules and what it takes to win with our guides below.

Simon Says Solitaire

Simon Says is an open game (all 52 cards are displayed face up at the beginning of the game).

How to Play Simon Says

Build tableaus down regardless of suit and wrap around on Aces. Moves sequences built down by the same suit together. Fill empty tableaus with valid sequences.

Game Objective

The goal of Simon Says is to build complete sequences down by the same suit on the tableau.

Cell Rules

  • There are two cells.
  • The cells are initially empty.
  • The top card is movable.
  • Any single card may move to an empty cell.

Tableau Rules

  • There are eight tableaus.
  • Initially containing fifty-two cards face up in the tableau.
  • The tableaus build down regardless of suit. Tableaus may build around-the-corner (a King may move onto an Ace).
  • For example the 9♠ may move onto the 10♠, 10♥, 10♣ and 10♦. Starting with the 3♠ the following sequence may build on top 2♦ A♠ K♣ Q♥.
  • Sequences of cards built down by the same suit wrapping around from Ace to King may move together as a group.
  • Any card or valid sequence of cards may move together to fill an empty tableau.