Play the game of Doublet Cell in your browser. Learn the rules and what it takes to win with our guides below.

Doublet Cell Solitaire

Doublet Cell is an open game (all 52 cards are displayed face up at the beginning of the game).

Odds of winning: Low

Win about 1 in 5 games (20%).

Skill Level: Mostly Skill

Winning is mostly determined by skill. A small amount of luck is involved.

How to Play Doublet Cell

Pair cards with equal rank and by the same color.

Game Objective

In Doublet Cell the goal is to discard cards by pairing cards together. You win when there are no more cards remaining to pair.

Cell Rules

  • There are four cells.
  • The cells are initially empty.
  • The top card is movable.
  • Any single card may move to an empty cell.

Tableau Rules

  • There are eight tableaus.
  • Initially containing fifty-two cards face up in the tableau.
  • Pair cards with equal rank and by the same color.
  • For example the Q♠ may move onto the Q♣ and the Q♥ may move onto the Q♦.
  • The top card is movable.
  • Once empty the tableaus remain empty.

Similar Games

There is one game with similar play style to Doublet Cell:

  1. Frustrating Pairs - No cell. There are thirteen tableaus. Initially containing four cards face up in each tableau.