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Agnes Sorel Solitaire

Agnes Sorel is a closed game played with a single deck (52 cards). The objective is to move all cards to the four foundations by building them up by the same suit.

Difficulty: Average

Rules provide a challenge.

Duration: Quick

Less than 5 minutes per game.

Skill Level: Mostly Luck

Winning is mostly determined by luck. A small amount of skill is involved.

How to Play Agnes Sorel

Game Objective

The goal of Agnes Sorel is to move all fifty-two cards to the foundation piles. You achieve this by building sequences of cards up by the same suit that start with an Ace and end with a King. You win when the four foundations each contain a complete sequence of thirteen cards.

Foundation Rules

  • There are four foundations.
  • Initially containing one card face up in the first foundation.
  • The foundations build up by the same suit. Foundations may build around-the-corner (an Ace may move onto a King).
  • For example the 9♠ may move onto the 8♠ and the 9♦ may move onto the 8♦. Starting with the J♠ the following sequence may build on top Q♠ K♠ A♠ 2♠.
  • Empty foundation spaces may be filled with the same initial rank dealt to the first pile at the beginning of the game.

Tableau Rules

  • There are seven tableaus.
  • Initially containing a Klondike layout with all cards face up.
  • The tableaus build down by the same color.
  • For example the Q♠ may move onto the K♥ and the Q♦ may move onto the K♣. Starting with the Q♠ the following sequence may build on top J♦ 10♣ 9♦ 8♠.
  • Sequences of cards built down by the same color may move together as a group.
  • Any card or valid sequence of cards may move together to fill an empty tableau.

Stock Rules

  • The stock deals one card face up to each tableau when tapped.
  • A single pass through the stock is permitted. Redeals are not possible. Once on the tableau, cards remain until used in a valid move.